About RNAfitme

Here, we present RNAfitme, a versatile web server tool for remodeling and refining of nucleobase and nucleoside residue conformations for the fixed-backbone RNA 3D structure. Our approach incorporates dedicated libraries encompassing torsional angles distribution investigated in a conformational space of high-resolution RNA 3D structures deposited in PDB. RNAfitme allows users for the prediction of RNA 3D models by threading homologous RNA sequence onto fixed-backbone RNA 3D template as well as refinement of artificial RNA 3D models or RNA 3D structures determined experimentally in order to remove steric clashes observed upon structure quality assessment.


Maciej Antczak1, Tomasz Zok1, Maciej Osowiecki, Mariusz Popenda2, Ryszard W. Adamiak1,2,Marta Szachniuk1,2

  1. Institute of Computing Science & European Centre for Bioinformatics and Genomics, Poznan University of Technology, 60-965 Poznan Poland
  2. Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, 61-704 Poznan, Poland

Acknowledgements and Funding

RNAfitme project has been supported by grants from the National Science Centre in Poland (2016/23/N/ST6/03779, 2016/23/B/ST6/03931) and a national grant for young researchers MÅ‚oda Kadra (91-555/2013).